From the moment I opened the first pages of the pink notebook, questions poured out. It seemed that every time I thought through my response to the question, several more would pop up. Such is the nature of curiosity, and the desire to learn and grow…it’s like the magic, persistentTPN Beginning Story Clipped Trans Right re-lighting birthday candle.

Questions like How do I know what I need or want?How do I know the right question to ask?, Can asking be a gift to the person being asked?  and Could asking be the answer?

And what about the other side of the equation…that receiving part? How do I receive…a gift, a compliment, a challenge, bad news? 

As I read the writing of many others, and kept charting my own experiences with asking and receiving, I realized that my curiosity had extended well beyond my own borders, and that I was interested in putting some of these questions forward to others. To others who were asking themselves the same questions, or maybe different ones. And hopefully to get some shining stories of how the miracle of asking and receiving has manifested in other people’s lives.

And so the research project idea was hatched. It will involve both qualitative gathering of stories via social media, a crowdfunding campaign and focus groups and a quantitative piece that will hopefully generate an ongoing collection of stories and question responses in a survey format that allows for data analysis.

As it evolves, you’ll be able to read more about it here. Results will be used for ongoing blog posts, and of course, in the eventual book.

Meanwhile, let’s…


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