Pen-ClippedTransYes, there’s going to be a book…eventually! Probably Fall, 2017, but if things don’t align then, it will be later. It will be when it’s meant to be, and I don’t want to rush it. This is NOT a project that will be pushed by a looming pre-set launch event date, or any other priority other than getting it right.

In these early days, here’s how it’s shaping up: It will be part memoir, part findings from original research and part action, because talking about it just isn’t good enough. 🙂

The three major sections of the book will be on Asking Others, Asking Yourself, and Asking Your Higher Power.  Or something else. It depends on what I learn in the research…isn’t this AWESOME?

For production, I’m thinking of a pink spiral-bound square hard-cover notebook, with worksheets and quotes and peoples’ stories and pictures…what do you think? Probably about 8.5″x8.5″ in size.

Please send me comments with ideas as the process moves along…!!

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