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Pink Notebook Christmas 2016 Gifts of Wisdom

I’ve been blessed to attend various support groups over the past two years, and have recorded many of the more meaningful comments and quotes that have been made by others in my pink notebook, along with my own thoughts, many of which have been shared (respecting anonymity, of course) with TPN readers over the past year. Continue reading

Beauty is in the Eye…

Defining beauty that is meaningful to you

Cybill was THE model of teenage perfection in the 1970s, as visualized in Cover Girl ads in many issues of influential magazines, like this one.

Cybill was THE model of teenage perfection in the 1970s, as visualized in Cover Girl ads in many issues of influential magazines, like this one.

I’m a pretty typical late Baby Boomer woman, I think. I grew up in an era (a really¬†long one) where women were objectified constantly in the media (not that we’re entirely finished doing that) and where certain cultural definitions of beauty were foisted on young women at a most vulnerable time in life–high school.

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The Gift of the Other

Celebrating the best birthday gift of all

Today is my birth year birthday. I was born in 1958, and today I turn 58 years old. I was only recently acquainted with this special birthday and decided it was a random reason to do a little thinking. (Apparently there’s also a “golden” birthday, which happens when your birthday falls on the day of your birth [i.e. if you were born on a Thursday, every birthday that falls on Thursday is golden.] I think. If you know it’s different, please comment!) But only the birth year birthday happens once in a lifetime. Continue reading

What I Learned About Life From Berry-Picking

Abundance, Perspective & Opportunity

When I was a pre-teen, we moved out of the city to a rural acreage. We did this because my brother had died tragically at 19 in a car accident, and my mother couldn’t bear living in the house where he’d been raised. It was meant to be a fresh start for our family, and it was full of new adventures. The first thing that happened was that my sister and I got horses. The property housed a large dog kennel operation, which we inherited. It became the focus of our lives for the next seven years.
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Healthy Blackberry Crisp

a recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes (not counting berry-picking! ūüôā
Cooking Time: 45 minutes
Cooling Time: 10-15 minutes
Time to table: 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings: 4 (I always double this at least, bake in separate pans and freeze the extra.)

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The Perfect Pity Party: So much pity; so little time

5 Rules & 3 Theme Ideas

Why me, Lord? Maybe you just received divorce papers. Or you broke your favorite cut glass serving bowl from your grandmother (not that I just did that), or were rejected when you asked for something. Whatever the disappointment, sometimes you just need to throw yourself a feelings feté.

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Just Because…

So two weekends ago I had a rare gift: I got to spend two days in New York City, where I lived for a few years more than three decades ago. I had only gone back a couple of times after I moved away, and even that was still 20 years ago.  A lot of living was packed into that short time.

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Why Don’t We Ask for Help? (Intro)

...A riff on generalizing, brains and melting butter...

So this is a big topic for me. ¬†I’m probably going to write five posts on it…that’s how many different reasons I’ve come up with so far for why in God’s name we don’t ask for help when we need it.¬†To ask for help is to make yourself vulnerable in a moment. To admit a lack of something, a chink in the armor of your otherwise amazing-ness, is like, well, it can be embarrassing. And scary.¬†In this first post,¬†I need to set this all up. Let’s talk a bit ¬†about predictive science, the brain, generalization and melting butter.

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The Demon I Call Karl Marx

 (or 4 Tools to Stop Controlling and Manipulating)


Yesterday I had a tough time struggling with a demon. He lives inside my brain, and is the result of a lifetime of feeling out of control of very important things. Continue reading

When is Returning a Gift its Own Gift? (Part IV: A New Story)

(Continued from Part III)

We clambered down in the dark, and I ripped the dress off (as carefully as one could in a super-hurry). We now had maybe 10 minutes. I’d instructed the guys to start the second set with an instrumental if I wasn’t back by the start time; that would give us an additional four minutes if needed. The swing dancer crowd had arrived, so they’d be super-cool with that.
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