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I’ve done a lot of crazy in my life so far, and I plan to continue doing crazy.  But as of two years ago, I started doing crazy differently. Call it middle age crisis, if you want, but for me it was anything but a crisis…at least in the contemporary definition of the word. (See catastrophe, calamity and disaster.)

(As a hilarious aside, did you know the German term for “mid-life crisis” is Torschlusspanik, which literally translates to “shut-door-panic,” or the fear of being on the wrong side of a closing gate? Yah. I know that feeling.)

But seriously, I finally ended the experience of “crisis” in the calamitous sense. Much of my life had been about drama, chaos, frenzy. I overused the word until nearly every day contained some form of crisis.

Then, the Universe, God, the divine in me…whatever noun works for you…said (loudly)
Enough. Is. Enough!
And after a lot of (ongoing) work, I’m find now that crisis is mostly gone, like a nasty rash. I no longer do crisis. As a result, I lead a much more peaceful existence with no created dramas allowed. (It doesn’t mean I don’t slip into old habits now and then, or get tricked into taking that bait, but it’s thankfully these occurrences are becoming rare.)

In studying the word (because I’m geeky like that), I discovered that the actual etymological origins of the word crisis are Greek and Latin for decision, or to decide.

Roman strainer. Another weird aside: The origin of the word "crisis" in some languages is "sieve".

Roman strainer. Another weird aside: The origin of the word “crisis” in some languages is “sieve.”

And here’s something else interesting I learned:  A crisis can represent a turn for either the worse or the better…Did you know that? So in that sense, yes, there might still be crisis in my life–but only in the purest meaning of the word: “Crises” are turning points; times when decisions must be made, and they may be for better or worse. But they no longer cause anxiety or panic.

I’m working on making decisions that are trust-based rather than fear-based. And that leads to my Most Exciting Project. So exciting that I actually created a website and am trusting in all my resources (within and without) to continue on this path that is called The Pink Notebook Project.

What happened before in my life…well that’s just a long history of details, which you can read here if you really want to know.

But for me, what matters is the person I’m becoming…not so much the one I’ve been.

Thank you for joining me on this journey…and I hope to hear from you along the way.

Wishing you peace too…take it on home, Elvis…:)

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